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About NewlyQualified

Our story…

Having had experience of both recruiting Newly Qualified job seekers and of being Newly Qualified candidates, our team has seen the good and the not so good the recruitment industry has to offer.

As recruiters, we’d become increasingly frustrated at the huge costs involved in finding recruits that were often a make-do solution and the horrendous navigation experience of recruitment websites.

We’d also often wondered what we had to do to attract fresh new talent to our businesses.

So we found the solution and created NewlyQualified:

Based on a salary of £30,000 and a traditional recruitment fee of 20%, savings in excess of £5,000 are made. We charge a flat fee of £750 all in, and if you don’t recruit, you don’t pay anything. It really is as simple as that.

Can you think of a reason not to use NewlyQualified?

Our talent is finding yours….